Afia Schwar used to sleep with dogs for money – Ayisha Modi alleges


Afia Schwar’s ongoing beef with Ayisha Modi has turned bloody as the music producer has released the most powerful weapons in her arsenal to completely destroy the loudmouth socialite.

Over the weekend, Afia Schwar dropped a video to mock and ridicule Ayisha Modi for claiming that she has helped almost everyone in the entertainment industry.

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With a smirking voice and face, Afia Schwar hilariously remarked that with Ayisha Modi’s intervention, Ghana wouldn’t have gained her independence in 1957.

She proceeded to add that Ayisha Modi is the one who begged Akufo Addo father to join the big six and also mentioned the names of the celebrities the Ghanaian-born US-based socialite claims to have helped.

Ayisha Modi who has come across the mocking video, has angrily reacted to it by dropping an epistle of all the dirty secrets she knows about Afia Schwar.

According to pained Ayisha Modi, Afia Schwar is a dirty and unappreciative beggar who has been inside her inbox several times just to beg for money.

In a trending TikTok video, Ayisha Modi claimed that Afia Schwar used to sleep with dogs for money because she was very broke and even couldn’t afford to feed herself and her kids.


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