Wedding cancelled as guy uses money meant to pay bride price, food and drinks to stake bet and loses


Relationship of 8 years has crumbled after the groom-to-be used the money meant for his wedding preparation to stake bet.


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The man’s former fiancée shared her story on an internet dating site, explaining how her behavior forced her to break up with him.

The woman claimed that although she had always been aware of her boyfriend’s gambling addiction, she had believed he would improve.

She said that she had to cancel the wedding after he used the money that was meant fory the wedding preparation to play a virtual bet, and lost it all.

The lady wrote:

“Gambling and betting actually ended my relationship of 8 years, when we were about getting married.

I am a lady, I was thinking he would change, he plays the betting they call virtual “baby”, the money meant for the wedding preparation he wasted it in that game, I had to cancel the wedding.”


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