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Who is Yvonne Nelson? Yvonne Nelson is an actress, film producer, model, and a business mogul from Ghana. She was born on November 12th 1985 in Accra, Ghana. Yvonne will be turning 33 years of age in the month November 2018. The bold Ghanaian has starred in a number of top movies making her famous and admired. Have you wondered who Yvonne Nelson is away from screens?

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Here we will share with you details about her achievements, career journey, family, her achievements so far, and her child. Scroll down and know one of the best actress in Ghana more, we bet that you will admire her more.

  • Full biography of Yvonne Nelson
  • Born: November 12th 1985
  • Age: 32 years
  • Origin: Ghana
  • Occupation: Ghanaian actress
  • Famous for: Being among the best Ghanaian actresses.
  • Yvonne Nelson biography


Yvonne Nelson is a fante and her hometown is Cape Coast though she was born in Accra. She pursed her primary level in Accra at St. Martin De Pores School, her secondary school level at Aggrey Memorial Seniour High School, and her tertiary education level at Central University College; she pursed a degree in HRM, Human Resource Management.


Yvonne Nelson is a multi-talented actress with a passion in acting. Her hard work and passion has made her to achieve great success and fame in her career. So far, she has stared over 100 Ghanaian as well as Nigerian movies “Princess Tyra” being her first played lead role. Yvonne Nelson first featured in Ghanaian movies from 2011 to 2007 where she took a big step to travel to Nigeria and make a collaboration with one of the renowned Nigerian actress, Genevieve Nnaji.

Currently, Yvonne Nelson name has made it to become Ghana as well as Nigeria household. The first movie that she stared was ‘The Prince’ and it was released in 2011. Other movies she has starred in include ‘Single and Married’, Blood is Thick, Plan B, Material Girl, My Cash Adventure, Obsession, The Playboy, My Cash Adventure, Crime Suspect, Desperate to Live, and Fantasia.

Yvonne Nelson family

Margaret Gaddy and Mr. O. Nelson are the lucky parents to the Accra born actress. Is Yvonne Nelson married? Yvonne has kept her private life away from the media attention. Early last year, on an interview with the BBC, she told off her plans of getting married and starting off a family. Yvonne said that after breaking up with Inyanya a Nigerian super star. So who is Yvonne Nelson husband? We believe that she is secretly married.

Yvonne Nelson pregnant

SOURCE: ghanaweb.com

On an interview with Wow Magazine, Yvonne Nelson opened up about her dumping a guy who proposed to her during her 30th birthday. Why? Her reasons for turning down the ideal guy was the fact that he wanted to move with Yvonne Nelson to London. She also disclosed the fact that she was not ready to change her whole life just because of marriage.

Yvonne Nelson also spoke about her pregnancy at the interview. The amusing bit is that she found her life funny,
“it’s quite funny because someone proposed and I didn’t even get to have a baby for the person and then this person who hasn’t proposed I’m having a baby for him. So it’s a vibe, its friendship, its understanding, it’s how happy the person makes you, it is not about someone putting a rock on your finger and you forget.’’

The good thing is that Yvonne Nelson was so grateful for being pregnant. She added that she was praying to have a family of her own since she clicked 29. The hardest part of her good news was to speak out about her pregnancy to her mother. Her mother was first shocked because she got pregnant out of wedlock, but later she celebrated the good news.

On 29th October 2017, the Ghanaian actress welcomed a baby girl and she named her Ryn Roberts. Who is Yvonne Nelson baby daddy? Ramie Roberts is the daddy to the sweet angel, Ryn Roberts. As you can clearly see, the dad and daughter share their sir names, Robert.

Yvonne Nelson and Ramie Robert lovely photos flocked on internet making anyone to admire to fall in love. Soon after Yvonne Nelson acknowledged that her child’s baby daddy was Married to Keela Harrison back in 2015. This meaning that he has other kids with a another woman. Furthermore, Yvonne Nelson photos with her baby how blessed she feels and we believe that she is very grateful to the almighty.

Pappy Kojo and Yvonne Nelson

Pappy Kojo, real name Jason Gaise is a renowned hiplife & hip-hop recording artist hailing from Takoradi, Ghana. He has been spotted a number of times with Yvonne Nelson making her fans and admirers to wonder if they are dating. For instance, she appeared in his song ‘Awoa’ keeping in mind that the last time Yvonne Nelson appeared in a music video was on her ex Inyanya ‘Your Waist’ song.

However, Pappy Kojo denied the fact that he and Yvonne are dating on an interview with Neat FM. He even added that he is just a fan just like no other. Here are Pappy Kojo own words,
“Yes, I once dated a lady called Yvonne Nelson in Takoradi for six months… Let me state this clearly that the Yvonne Nelson I dated isn’t the popular actress, not the actress oooo so please I don’t want to see any headline referring to the popular Yvonne Nelson we all know.” He was then asked if he knew Yvonne Nelson and here is what the recording artist responded, “Yes I’m a big fan of her… I watch her in movies.”

Recently, Pappy Kojo paid a visit to Yvonne Nelson and baby Ryn Roberts. They sighted a video that captured him hanging out with the beautiful family. Yvonne Nelson later requested him to perform his song ‘Akwaaba’ and he did that. It came clear that both are just ace buddies. This means that they are not dating.

Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh wedding

Chris Atto is a renowned Nigerian actor; both him and Yvonne Nelson have starred a number of movies together. Are they married? This question went viral after they posted their wedding pictures on their social media pages. What made people to add fuel to the topic is the fact that celebrities were invited as well as Chris Atto and Yvonne Nelsonparents.

How can they both get married and Chris Atto is a husband to Damilola Adegbite a renowned Nigerian actress? Well, it was not a real wedding, the two were just promoting the scenes of their coming soon movie. All this clearly states that Chris Atto and Yvonne Nelson are not husband and wife as many people thought.

Yvonne Nelson house and cars

SOURCE: ghanacelebrities.com

Yvonne Nelson lives in a beautiful mansion proved by photos she posted lying on her coach on her official Facebook page. She also owns exotic and very expensive cars, which she posts on her social media pages. Yvonne Nelson is also obsessed with fashion. She puts on beautiful trendy wears and completes her style with expensive jewelry. Honesty, her beauty, and brain are just undeniable.

Yvonne Nelson philanthropic activities

SOURCE: ghanacelebrities.com

Yvonne Nelson founded “Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma foundation” back in 2010 to create awareness to the Ghanaians about the eye disease. What is Glaucoma? It is an eye disease that can result to vision loss and even optic nerve. Some Ghanaian celebrities gave her the support she required to create awareness to the people. Yvonne Nelson even went ahead to shot a video that could fully educate people about the eye disease, which was a very impressive act. Her good activity deserved to be appreciated. Right? ‘GoWoman and Printex’ honoured the beautiful actress for her film career as well as her foundation.

That aside, Yvonne Nelson was also involved in protesting against Ghana energy crisis campaign back in 2015. She led it peacefully on May 16th together with other renowned celebrities.

Yvonne Nelson awards

The beautiful actress have been nominated in a number of awards. Awards appreciates ones efforts as well as hard work in which she truly deserves. Some of the awards include:

  • ‘The Best Upcoming Actress” – She awarded this prize back in 2008 at the 4th African Movie Academy Awards event.
  • ‘Best Ghanaian Actress’ prize – She awarded back in 2011 at the City People event.
  • ‘Stars Best Actress’ – She was awarded on 2009 at the Joy Nite Fm Awards event.
  • ‘Best Actress’ prize – Yvonne Nelson was awarded the prize in 2016 at the Ghana Movie Award.
  • ‘Hottest Ghanaian Actress in Nolywood’ prize – She was awarded the prize on 2013 at the City People Entertainment Awards event.
  • ‘Gilotz Magazine Fans Favorite Actress – She was awarded the price back in 2o13 at the 2013 Ghana Movie Awards event.
  • ‘Best Supporting Actress’ prize – She was awarded the prize on 2010 at the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards event.

Popular Yvonne Nelson movies
The game – ratings 3/5

The thriller main starring are Yvonne Nelson, Majid Michael, John Dumelo, and Yvonne Okoro. Abdul Salam Mumuni is the producer and Frank Rajah Arase is the director of the popular film. We would like to share with you the plot of the film so that you can determine if it’s worth your time. Teddy (Majid Michael) and Bil (Johannes Maier) are brothers who are life insurance policy beneficiaries. The policy said that if one of the brother’s died, then the other one will be lucky to inherit the pie.

On the other side of the plot, Yvonne Okoro (Brandy) pretended to be deeply in love with (John Dumelo) Ronny Lawson who was a business mogul hoping that he will help her grow her business. In simple words, this film is full of love as well as money game. It is a very dramatically thriller that will make your weekend enjoyable.
Heart of Men – ratings 3/5

‘Heart of men’ film did not earn 5/5 ratings because it promoted nudity, though it’s a very interesting movie. Some of starring include Majid Michael (Richie)’ Yvonne Nelson (Tracy), John Dumelo (Kay), Jackie Appiah (Adline), and Nadia Buari (Sylvia). The Synopsis of film is about a world packed people that hunt greed as well as fortune.

Those who succeed are those who make desperate moves by thinking fast, and ruling fast as well. The reason why love exist is murder, price, betrayal, scams, blackmail, and cons. ‘Heart of Men’ is a film that is full of counter engulf plots that make it to find favor to most of their long list fans and admirers.
Single & Married – ratings 24%

This is romantic comedy Ghanaian film; Yvonne Nelson is the producer and Pascal Amanfo is the director. Some of the main stars include Chris Attoh, Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari, Kofi Adjorlolo, and Tana Adelana. The plot of the film is packed with drama, intrigue, dirty secrets among 3 men, being single/ married, as well as sex lives.

The 3 best male friends with dirty secrets are, Chris Attoh (Jay), Eddie Watson (Andy) and Kweku Elliot (Raymond). Chris Attoh proposes to Yvonne Nelson (Kimora), Kweku Elliot (Raymond is already married to Nadia Buari (Paula) who is a friend to Kimora, and Eddie Watson (Andy thinks that Chris Atto is getting himself into marriage imprisonments. It is full of drama and we bet that you will enjoy watching it. You can watch it on YouTube or purchase a copy from the market.

If Tomorrow Never Comes

The main stars in this film include Yvonne Nelson, Michelle Hammond, Deyemi Okanlawon, and Kweku Elliot. The synopsis of the nice movie is about a young lady who faces hardships that come with life after her mothers death as well as close relatives betrayal. Yvonne Nelson (Awurabena) is the young lady with the pain as well as loss of her dearest mother who decided to commit suicide. Her younger brother is taken to live with one of their distant aunt and she is taken to live with her uncle. After a number of scenes, her uncle sells her to a ringleader. It has good flow and we assure you that you will enjoy it.

Source: Zea.ng


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